EWMA expands compliance group to include COVID-19 virus mitigation services

Services include antimicrobial and antiviral mitigation which meet guidelines issued by leading global and national health organizations

Parsippany, N.J., March 17, 2020 — As institutions and citizens across New Jersey and beyond prepare for the growing COVID-19 pandemic, environmental remediation firm EWMA is offering no-cost estimates to businesses in need of antimicrobial and antiviral mitigation, planned and conducted according to guidelines set out by leading health and disease prevention regulatory bodies.

“Our goal is to help get New Jerseyans back to their daily lives as quickly and safely as possible,” said Michael Sylvester, Vice President, EWMA. “One key step in doing so is to make many spaces which once houses diagnosed individuals safe and healthy to occupy once again.”

According to Sylvester, antimicrobial and antiviral mitigation utilizes agents that either limit or completely stop the growth of microorganisms, including COVID-19. The service uses a process to thoroughly clean frequently used surfaces and touchpoints throughout an office building, event space, gym, restaurant, or other facilities with which someone with COVID-19 may have come in contact. These surfaces include elevator buttons, doorknobs, chair railings, desks, lobby areas, waiting rooms, and bathroom surfaces around toilets and sinks.

“Without proper mitigation, these places may pose a risk, and will need to be disinfected properly before they open up once again to their employees, visitors, and the public,” Sylvester said. “By thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting these areas, our clients will have greater peace of mind.”

According to Sylvester, while no cure or vaccine is yet known for COVID-19, steps can be taken to mitigate risk in workplaces, schools, houses of worship, apartment buildings, and other communal environments. Preliminary guidelines established by the World Health Organization note that the virus, which spreads through droplets in the air, may live on certain surfaces for up to 72 hours. EWMA is prepared to offer this cleaning service, which is certified in antimicrobial and antiviral mitigation. All cleaning procedures are conducted in accordance with published protocols by leading authorities, including the WHO, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“Our antimicrobial and antiviral mitigation services can support small-scale and large-scale work areas, from small houses of worship to large warehouse spaces and everything in between, and with businesses in both private and public sectors,” Sylvester said.

Estimates are offered at no cost. For more information, contact Michael Sylvester or Craig Gorczyca at (973) 560-1400.

About EWMA:
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